Spike mini prybar (Titanium)


Spike mini prybar is the perfect size… small and discreet. Fits perfectly in that little coin pocket on your jeans. CNC machined from a solid billet of grade 5 titanium, so you know it's tough. Small but thick enough that if you need to pry something, there's actually enough leverage to get the job done.

I designed it with an angled tip to be used as a "tape buster". Perfect for digging into your packages when you have to be discreet and pulling out your pocket knife might not be the best idea.

Has a built in hex for a screwdriver bit and a slot for a 1 inch driver bit. 2 black rubber o-rings hold the driver bit securely. This final batch comes with a Milwaukee shockwave phillips head bit to get you started or toss in your bit of choice to personalize it.

Lightly bead blasted and polished to give it a unique finish .

(Note: this final batch comes with Milwaukee shockwave bits, not the DeWalt bits in the photos.)